The Untokening

To truly reclaim streets for people and make them safe and accessible for all, we need to address what that means in terms of culture, class, race, identity, and community.

The Untokening centers the lived experiences of people, particularly leaders from marginalized identities as well as leaders who are actively engaging, organizing and advocating alongside people within marginalized communities, to address mobility justice and equity.

For too long, dominant narratives in mobility advocacy have drawn from the experiences of the most privileged. In advocacy spaces, questions of equity are often treated as an afterthought or sidebar. Advocates “from diverse backgrounds” are often invited to the table to speak on behalf of an “underserved” population. While our own personal experiences or those of the people we represent are generally welcomed as anecdotal insight or emotional touchstones, that input is often set aside if it challenges the mainstream agenda.

The Untokening is a multiracial collective of individuals who know from our varying engagements with active transportation advocacy that de-centering whiteness in our movement space is the next step toward equitable mobility. We aim to develop networks, trainings, and resources that support BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) movement leaders who want to bring their lived experiences within marginalized communities into their professional work.

Learn more and apply to attend our next convening: Untokening California, coming up November 4, 2017 in Los Angeles.


    The Untokening is building a mobility justice movement by:

    • Creating convening spaces for leaders from marginalized communities;

    • Strengthening and resourcing networks, trainings and leadership development;
    • Co-powering grassroots to grasstops mobility justice actions, advocacy, policies and agendas at the local, state and national levels.

    On November 13, 2016, more than 130 leaders gathered in Atlanta for The Untokening: A Convening for Just and Accessible Streets and Communities. Click here for photos and outcomes!

    The first Untokening gathering brought together leaders of color and advocates whose voices have been marginalized to create new visions for mobility advocacy.

    Held immediately following the Facing Race conference in Atlanta, the Untokening centered intersectionality and, through collaboration that embraces our expertise and the expertise of our communities, took the first step in creating a series of equity statements on critical issues, like gentrification and community engagement. Read more about the impetus for the convening on Streetsblog LA

    Learn more and apply to attend out next convening: Untokening California, coming up November 4, 2017 in Los Angeles.


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    PRESENTING SPONSOR: California Walks

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    Photos by Argenis Apolinario